Anonymous asked: Which one of your books should I read first?


I have a more complete answer here:


But to make it simple, I’ll just say The Governess Affair.

It’s the first book in a series. It’s free just about everywhere I can make it free. It’s a novella. All that means that if you hate it, your investment of time and money is small.

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In Rome a vagina is una fica, a term deriving from the fig, a great thing, a delightful gift, a ribboned fruit. Among young Romans, the expression fica is a way to convey something extraordinarily good, akin to “cool.” They even make it into a superlative—fichissimo, meaning that something is the “cuntest” and very good indeed. Una fica is not only a sexually attractive woman, it is anything worthy of possession or experience. Imagine an American guy saying: “Wow, that is so vagina!” You can’t.

Quilt by Doris Prouty


Quilt by Doris Prouty

I’m really more of a social justice cleric.